About us

At Sensory Sensation we specialise in creating bespoke handcrafted educational multi-skill activity boards. All boards can be customised and personalised to your preferences, therefore each board is completely a one of a kind and unique. Sensory Sensation boards are made for the early years and those with additional needs. We recommend them from age 6months and above. The boards can aid and support those with a range of learning and developmental needs. Each board will include various different activities, which are fun, interactive and great to occupy busy hands. Our boards not only keep hands busy but at the same time encourages the development of many key skills.


  • 01.Fine gross and motor skills
  • 02.Hand eye coordination
  • 03.Problem solving
  • 04.Speech, language and communication skills
  • 05.Memory skills
  • 06.Building core strength
  • 07.Logical thinking skills
  • 08.Sensory development
  • 09.Open ended play and exploring
  • 10.Attention to detail skills and more.