Every single Sensory Sensation board is bespoke and unique, therefore we had to ensure our boards are safe in making sure all the elements have their own CE mark. To get a CE mark on each board would be impossible as every board has different elements and no two boards are identical.

Please note: many of the elements are usual day to day elements children and adults will come in contact with so they may not have a CE mark as they are not intended for the early years play aspect. We ensure all components are secure and safe. Every single board goes through vigorous safety testing internally before being sent to the customer.

Also whilst in use we advise that it is supervised at all times. No one should be left alone to explore the board. Although the boards have a learn through play aspect, they are educational activity boards and not a toy. Sensory sensation boards should be used flat on the floor whilst in use or fixed on stand. They can be mounted on the wall upon safely if required.